Choosing the Right Lighting

What to consider when choosing lighting for your home



Are you feeling overwhelmed with options? You're not alone!

We've simplified what you should consider when purchasing new lighting for your home.

Get Creative

  • Inspiration - Put together a collage of your favorite spaces. They can be from Pinterest, Instagram, a local home show, or magazine snips. You like these things for a reason! It should give you the first hints of your personal style. Our showrooms love to see your inspirational photos. This gives our staff a great database of information to jump off.
  • Color Gone are the days when all finishes had to be the same. Mixed finishes are popular and non-restrictive. Don't let it overwhelm you! Keep it simple and have all fixtures in the same plane the same finish. Or integrate finishes within the same fixture like a black and gold chandelier. 
  • Style - Once you've gathered your inspiration, our showroom can help you determine your overall style and make suggestions of fixtures for you. Maybe you're a mixture of styles? Coastal-farmhouse? With a midcentury flair? 

Sizing Tips

  • Chandeliers above a table Whatever your dining room width is, take away 12". That should be the maximum width of  your fixture. Same rule goes with the length of your table. 
  • Foyer chandelier - A nice tip when considering the height of your foyer fixture is take the ceiling height and multiply that by two and convert to inches. This only works on tall, open foyer spaces. For example, if your foyer has a ceiling height of 20', then you'll want about a 40" tall fixture.
  • Exterior lighting - You want your wall lanterns to be 1/4 the size of your overall doorway when you have two fixtures flanking your door.  If you have one fixture by your door, you'll want that fixture to be 1/3 the size of your overall doorway. Be sure to include any transom window or decorative brick above you door for that measurement!


Don't forget! 💡

We suggest stopping by our showroom to help visualize your space.

Bring with you to your appointment a few key things:

  • Your plans! Include your electrical plans and any elevation drawings you may have included in your building plans.
  • Your inspirational images.
  • Furniture dimensions if applicable. For example, we'll need your dining table length and width to appropriately size your dining light. 



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