New Beginnings for a Long-Time Employee

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Wishing Bob Sizelove Good Luck!

Bob Sizelove has been our Quotations - Gear & Lighting Specialist - most recently, that is . Our owner, John Cain, reminisced about Bob's career at Wiseway fondly by saying, "I think he's had every job but mine." Bob will be moving onto a new adventure, still within the electrical industry, after almost 35 years at Wiseway

Although confident and excited, he admits he's been feeling out of sorts stepping away from a company he's been with for so long. After so many friendships formed at Wiseway, a decision this big tugs at your heartstrings!

We've all learned from Bob, watched him grow, and grown because of him.

Congratulations on our new adventure, Bob!


Let's take a little trip down memory lane!


(From left to right: Bob Sizelove, Lowell Brummett)





Good luck in your next adventure, Bob! 


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