Lighting & Plumbing Design Trends: Everything You Need to Know (2023)

Design Trends


There have been many pulls in different directions of interior design trends in 2022. Dark and moody, light and airy, and you can't forget about farmhouse! Those styles are still popular, but we're seeing some new trends emerge in 2023. We'll cover what's most popular in lighting and plumbing fixtures. And what type of products people are selecting for their new build or remodel.


Matte Black & Brushed Gold - Mixed Metals

Matte black and a variety of soft golds are practically everywhere - from lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, to furniture and accessories. Mixing metals in the same fixture has become the most sought-after style in the previous year and it's not slowing down. Our previous lighting market visit to Dallas was testament that this trend is not going away anytime soon. 


Mixed finishes in lighting are plentiful. If you're trying to incorporate either matte black or brushed gold into your room, lighting is a simple way to make that introduction. A touch of soft gold on a black fixture adds a hint of warmth to the otherwise very neutral piece. This permits other gold pieces in the room such as accessories or accent furniture.

black and gold kichler linear chandelier in dining room




Popular both in the kitchen and bath, two-toned faucets are increasingly popular in the kitchen and bathroom. Kohler's Tone series of faucets checks off not only the box of two-toned finishes, but the transitional style box as well. From farmhouse, to contemporary, and midcentury modern, the Tone family fits in anywhere. It helps open up the options of lighting and accessories as seen in the photo below. A gold mirror would totally change the look of the space - but either black or gold would feel appropriate.


Tone Bath Faucet



Polished Nickel

This is a classic, neutral finish. Not to be confused with chrome! Chrome has slightly cool undertone whereas polished nickel is much warmer. When pairing with earthy paint colors and natural wood, polished nickel is the proven choice. Since it is a polished finish, it adds a touch of shine. We like to call it adding "jewelry" to the home. 


Kohler Purist sink faucet in polished nickel



Organic fixtures with woven textures like rattan are popular in lighting for 2023. They help bring nature indoors and create a more casual feel. "Organic" can describe any natural texture in furniture, lighting, and accessories. An example of this below is from Uttermost. The woven rope detail around the mirror can be found in furniture pieces like stools, benches, and chairs. 

uttermost woven mirror


The natural texture of rattan is sourced from a Scandinavian origin. Rattan can be found on furniture and lighting pieces like this Uttermost bench featured below. Even the grass cloth wallpaper in the lifestyle shot brings in more woven texture.

uttermost rattan bench




Something to be on the lookout for is a new design trend called Japandi. In summary, it's a mixture of Scandinavian and Japanese design. The light and airy feel of Scandinavian design and the minimalism often seen in Japanese design are a beautiful combination.

Minimalism has often been associated with cold an impersonal. Japandi puts emphasis on less clutter and statement, curated pieces. But it focuses on warm, earthy tones. Muted greens, soft beiges, and neutral wood tones help warm up the all-white trend that has been around for the past several years. This new style is not surprising as the walnut wood tones of midcentury modern have been becoming increasingly popular in the past year.

Since Japandi incorporates natural textures, houseplants are welcomed and encouraged! This balances the organic textures that are already popular in recent design trends. 


japandi style dining room space

[Image from Decorilla]


Plumbing Trends


Freestanding Tubs & Wet Rooms

We simply can't sell enough freestanding tubs in our showrooms! Customers are usually pairing it with a custom shower system and sometimes creating a "wet room". This simply means the freestanding tub is occupying the same space as the shower. These areas usually are not fully enclosed, but benefit the homeowner in creating a much larger showering space. Open showering spaces are typically seen in the most luxurious homes. So it's easy to see why they're so popular! That, and the appeal of aging in place with a barrier-free shower entry is nice, too. 


wet room with kohler tub



Smart Kitchen Faucets

The global pandemic made people innately aware of at least one thing:  what they touch. With that came the willful acceptance of smart kitchen faucets. In fact, smart kitchen faucets, as compared to just 5 years ago, are now somewhat standard for most remodels and new builds.

For brands like Kohler and Moen, they work on motion-sensing technology, so they're touchless. Some models even offer voice activation! Imagine telling Alexa to pour you two cups of 90 degree water. 

That means your hands - and your faucet - stay cleaner for longer.

The technology is no longer "glitchy". In fact, they're tremendously dependable. With smart features like water temperature and volume settings, they're handy to have! 


Skirted & Smart Toilets

Skirted toilets, like pictured below, are what is selected 9 times out of 10 for a new build or remodel. Who wouldn't want an easier-to-clean toilet? No more cleaning your way around that trap way pipe on the side! 

Kohler Corbelle skirted toilet


Did you notice that electrical outlet near the toilet? That's so you can upgrade that seat to a cleansing seat! The shortage of toilet paper in the United States during the pandemic pushed people to become familiar with bidet seats and bidet toilets! Homeowners have the choice to upgrade a "normal" toilet to include a cleansing seat or purchase an all-in-one intelligent toilet with a built-in bidet feature.

Bidet doesn't seem to be a taboo word any longer.


Handshowers & Slide Bars

With every remodel or new build, when it comes to the master shower, we always suggest purchasing a handshower. Whether it's fixed or on a slide bar, a handshower is handy (pun intended) in the shower space for multiple reasons.

We can't predict the future. A handshower is a huge benefit if you have to endure a surgery or procedure that makes showering a challenge. Cleaning the shower with a handshower is a huge upgrade to what we call the "cup method" when you throw a cup of water on your shower walls. Even if you don't clean your own shower, your cleaning company will be thankful you have one! 

To learn more about planning your shower, read our blog here:

7 Things to Remember when Planning your Custom Shower



Lighting Trends


Tape Lighting

With the ease of installation and cost efficiency, tape lighting is the easiest trend to get behind. There are definitely some things to know, so make sure to speak to an expert at one of our showrooms while planning your space. Creating levels of light that include ambient, task, and accent lighting makes the space look designer. Tape lighting can serve as a task light for under kitchen cabinets, or a beautiful accent light on bookshelves surrounding a fireplace. Tape lighting has expanded features like entire sheets of LED, configurable designs, or flexible outdoor rope lighting. The possibilities are endless.

You won't believe what one of our customers achieved with LED! A lighted island!

Now that's a statement! 😮

lighted island

[Stewart Companies, LLC in Lexington KY - Photo credit: Mahan Multimedia]




Adding a little bling will always be on-trend. Crystal is classic and timeless. What's becoming a popular trend are crystal chandeliers in a closet space. What used to be a boring space is now a room in itself! We're seeing crystal chandeliers in nurseries and pantries - not just spaces you'd expect like a dining table or foyer. 

Something to keep in mind is not all crystals are the same. You can choose the cut of crystal and the type of crystal like Swarovski, for just one example. Crystal can be incorporated into a modern fixture or adorned on a classic chandelier. When choosing a crystal chandelier, stop by your local Wiseway showroom to experience different cuts, types, and styles!



Crystals used in crystal chandeliers are made with lead oxide. (Not the scary lead.) This element gives the crystal more light refraction - so it's extra pretty! The three types of crystal are: crystalline, half lead, and full lead. The different types reflect the amount of lead in the glass. 


You can choose from machine cut, hand blow, or hand cut crystal. Hand-cut crystals on a chandelier are typically what is found in heirloom pieces that are handed down generations in a family. They're truly works of art! Same as diamonds, there are a variety of crystal cuts. Some of the cuts include: Pear, Baguette, Briolette, and more!

crystal chandelier in closet


Oversized Lighting

You know what people aren't choosing anymore? Small island pendants.

The most consistent trend that we've seen in our showrooms is oversized lighting.

At one point, island pendants were a maximum 6"-8" wide. And a kitchen island would be littered with several. Now, fewer and larger pieces are standard. While there are still requirements for sizing a fixture, and you can go too large, today's lighting selections push that boundary. 

Generally, your pendants should be about 30" apart. You'll always want your pendants to be no larger than whatever the width (front to back, not side to side) of your island - minus 12". Just remember you'll need about 6" of give on all sides of your island. These are just guidelines. If you go above this suggestion an inch or two, no harm no foul. But you'll just need to be mindful that you or your guests won't knock their heads on them. Especially since your island pendants should hang about 30"-32" above the island's surface. 




Islands aren't the only place we're seeing oversized fixtures.

For example, a dining room fixture like the one below should have a fixture that is at least 12" smaller in diameter than the diameter of the table. That's the suggested maximum size, and with the tall ceilings in the space, that's probably what was chosen. Tall ceilings and larger kitchen islands is assumingly the driving force behind the trend of oversized lighting. When you're stuck on sizing, just stop by or give our showroom a call. 

Crystorama Crystal Chandelier



Landscape Lighting

Every year, right before Halloween, our showrooms start getting requests for landscape lighting. With the end of Daylight Savings time approaching, people want the security and accent lighting that landscape lighting can provide. Landscape lighting creates an inviting outdoor space. When it comes to options of lighting your space, it can get pretty creative. To learn all of the techniques of how to light your space, it's best to talk to your local showroom consultant! For example, you can graze the brick with a soft up lighting like pictured below by placing the fixture close to the home.

It might be pretty and functional, but did you know that landscape lighting can improve your home's overall perceived value? There has been varied research on the topic, but studies have estimated your home's perceived value increases between 15-25%. Feel confident you will get some kind of return on investment!


Landscape Lightin - Republic Fixtures



Looks like you're ready to select some on-trend lighting and plumbing fixtures for your home!

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