Ruud Tankless & Hybrid Water Heater Tax Credit Rebates (2024)

Save Today. Save Tomorrow.

Ruud's Hybrid Water Heater tax credits


  • The Ultra Hybrid Electric water heater delivers energy savings up to $491/year
  • It's 4x the efficiency of a standard electric water heater
  • Qualifies for a Federal Tax Credit and utility rebates up to $2000
  • It reduces energy use by 75% - using less energy per year than a lightbulb
  • In fact, it is the most efficient water heater in North America



2024 May-June Ruud Hybrid Water Heater Tax Credit Rebate Social Post
  • Introducing The Tankless Revolution Introducing the Ruud® SR-Series Super High Efficiency Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater with Recirculation
  • It’s the New Standard in Tankless
  • Continuous Hot Water
  • Cost Savings
  • Smart Control
  • Visit to learn more



2024 May-June Ruud Tankless Water Heater Tax Credit Rebate Social Post (2)
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