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Renovations Made Affordable By Qwik Jons® and Drain Pumps


For over 80 years, Zoeller Pump Company has created high quality products, designed for dependability to provide value in our communities. Throughout the pandemic, the importance of time and money came to the forefront of homeowner’s minds. We spent more time at home than ever before, leading some to rethink the look and function of their spaces, even the bathroom!

Home improvements or renovations can be time-consuming, expensive, and overwhelming, especially when living and working in the same area undergoing construction! Zoeller Pump Company has considered all these factors in the creation of the Qwik Jons and Drain Pump Series. The Qwik Jon is a reliable upflush solution, challenging conventional plumbing processes by eliminating the added time and stress of revamping your space.

Zoeller doesn’t stop there! For grey water removal in a coffee island, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, pool house, or basement bar, Zoeller created the Drain Pump Series that also requires no digging or breaking of concrete. Rethink what you know about conventional plumbing with these Zoeller Pump products; no need to break ground or break the bank!


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Qwik & Easy


The Qwik Jon Choice is a quiet, preassembled pump and macerator system that requires minimal space for installation. Alternatively, the Qwik Jon Premier is a preassembled true 1/2 HP grinder pump system. There’s no need to break concrete, so Qwik Jon can be installed in a space anywhere wastewater removal is necessary and gravity drainage is cost prohibitive.

With a polished, modern look and superior functionality, the Qwik Jon allows you to create a bathroom space that looks great without hurting your wallet or breaking concrete. Whether it's the Qwik Jon Premier or Qwik Jon Choice, each product is an above-grade solution and can be installed behind the wall or directly behind the toilet.


Each Qwik Jon is 100% factory tested and is no louder than the flushing of a toilet. Qwik Jon’s are perfect for any space including basements, garages, workshops, cabins, pool houses, and commercial buildings.


Featured Qwik Jon:





When gravity drainage isn’t available for grey water, Zoeller Pump Company, has an extensive line of drain pumps in the Drain Pump series. Each drain pump is designed for laundry trays, wet bar sinks, lavatories, air condition condensate and dehumidifiers. They can also be used in conjunction with dishwashers and garbage disposals. The included 1/3 HP submersible sump pump will move up to 43 gallons of water per minute and passes ½” solids. The Drain Pump Series features a preassembled kit ready for installation and doesn’t include filters or screens to clean. For a low-profile look, the drain pump can be installed in the base cabinet under a sink and is completely corrosion resistant.


Featured Zoeller Drain Pump:




No Breaking Concrete


Don’t waste months living in a dusty construction zone during your renovation or thousands of dollars on breaking concrete. Save time, money, and avoid the stress of home improvements or renovations with Zoeller’s easy installation, cost-efficient Qwik Jons and Drain Pumps.



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