Tips for Keeping Your Electricians Happy

Anyone who operates an electrical service company knows the importance of keeping your team happy. But how in such a competitive industry? Not to mention the shortage of skilled electrical workers in the trades today. We're sharing ideas of how to hire and retain the best and brightest as well as how you can make your current crew feel valued and appreciated.


According to the National Electrical Contractors Association, approximately 7,000 electricians join the field each year… but another 10,000 retire? Bridging this gap is a big challenge for electrical business owners.  


Which is exactly why it’s so important to hire the best electrical workers on the market. And keep them happy. Trained and qualified electricians are just too hard to come by these days - especially in this competitive climate.


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Here are a few ways you can stand out from the competition, hire the best electrical workers, and keep them happy for years to come. 


Training & Development 

Your employees want to succeed. Investing in an electrical worker’s training and development makes them feel valued and appreciated. They’ll be grateful to have an employer who cares about their growth. 


We're working hard to support your educational efforts by providing relevant informational blog posts from our manufacturers and industry experts:

(Here's our latest blog covering the NEC2020 code.)


Investing in your employees also builds loyalty. So they’ll be more likely to stick with your company long-term. 


Other benefits of adding more training include:


Better Employee Performance

More training equals better performance. Period. Whether it's technical training, safety training, or anything else. The more knowledge and information your electricians have, the better. 


Ask anyone who’s ever been “thrown in” to a new job or a new position. Not a great feeling. Those workers usually make a lot of mistakes. And it takes them a lot of trial and error to figure things out on their own. 


Even your more experienced workers can benefit from occasional refresher training. 




Providing a lunch-n-learn may benefit your company by fostering comradery. Learning together can spark discussions about issues, goals, triumphs, and more.

It may lead to company-specific topics that you've needed to discuss anyway!

Providing you and your team the latest training will make sure everyone is on the same page of growth and success. 

A more cohesive workforce, the better, right?


Higher Employee Engagement

Frequent training and development opportunities can boost your electricians’ level of engagement and ambition. 


Most employees prefer a work environment that keeps things fresh. I think it's safe to say everyone can lose a little motivation when doing the same things day in and day out.

Additionally, it's proven that companies who invest in training typically outperform their competitors - no matter the industry. Which means happy clients, more work, and more revenue.


Your electricians will appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow. By investing in training, you will naturally increase employee engagement. 


A Safer Work Environment

It’s no secret that installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems is dangerous work. You're already aware of the safety requirements for your workplace, but is everyone?  


Investing in training is one way you can do that. Safety should always be a top priority for all workplaces. Be sure to provide your workers with initial training upon hire, routine refresher training, and any additional training as needed (for example, after a near miss). 




All electrical workers should have basic knowledge on the following subjects:


  • Electrical Safety
  • Lockout Tagout
  • Arc Flash
  • NFPA 70E

These are the basics. But what other topics do you think your team could benefit from?


Positive Feedback & Constructive Feedback

Good leadership and a positive work environment can go a long way in keeping your electricians happy. All employees want to be seen and heard. A simple “thank you” or “good work” is always appreciated. But so often leaders of all industries fail to remember this.

Some feedback facts:

  • 68% of employees who receive feedback feel fulfilled at their job
  • 66% of employees would leave their job if they didn't feel appreciated
  • 75% of employees who receive feedback feel that it's valuable

Some ideas to brainstorm:

  • Employee 1 on 1 meetings
  • Group activities to encourage teamwork
  • Reviews and 360 reviews
  • Planning company and employee goals for growth


Of course, you could take it a step further and offer incentives or implement a rewards program, too. 


Incentives and rewards are used to motivate positive behaviors or performances within your workforce. These programs are also designed to boost morale and increase employee engagement. Examples of such programs include: 


Recognition and Rewards

A recent study from Achievers Workforce Institute found that 69% of employees said that recognition and rewards would motivate them to stay with their current employer. 




Recognition is often displayed in the form of “social” recognition - where you publicly express your gratitude towards an employee for accomplishing specific tasks. This encourages that same worker to continue repeating the desired task, and also motivates others to do so as well. 


Rewards are tangible items such as merchandise, gift cards, experiences, or anything else that your employees might be interested in receiving. 


The best way to implement a rewards program is to set up a points-based system. Your electricians can earn points and then redeem them for the reward of their choosing once they hit a certain threshold. You decide the activities and behaviors that earn them points.


Referral Programs

A referral program is another great way to incentivize employees to help you source qualified electricians to join your team. Your electricians will receive a monetary incentive for anyone you’ve hired based on their recommendation. 


Alternatively, you could incorporate a referral program into your points-based rewards system. 


So if an electrician recommends a new candidate, they receive X number of points. If that candidate makes it to the interview round, they receive an additional number of points. If you end up hiring that person, the referring employee gains even more points to put towards their rewards. 


Bonuses and Raises

Not surprisingly, rewarding your electricians with bonuses and raises can be incredibly powerful, too. This is most often based on personal performance. With bonuses, you need to set up crystal clear metrics and objectives so everyone knows what it takes to earn them. 


Transparency is always appreciated anytime you're talking about monetary incentives and raises. If your business is having a tough year, communicating that goes a long way.


Even if you choose not to implement an incentives or rewards program, you can still give your electricians positive feedback. You might be surprised. But a little bit goes a long way. They’ll always remember those little moments when you went out of your way to thank them for a job well done.


So initiate those conversations. Offer praise, encouragement, and positive feedback. Doing so will solidify the relationships you have with your employees. You’ll build trust, loyalty, and will boost retention. 


Giving positive feedback is just one (simple) way to help keep your electricians happy. 





Provide Your Electricians with High Quality Supplies

Set your electricians up for success by providing them with high quality tools and equipment. The products mentioned below can bring you optimal results for all your residential electrical jobs. 


Electrical Tools and Supplies



These all-in-one testers are a critical asset to any electrical job. They are used to measure voltages, current, and resistance in an electrical circuit. They can also help your electricians locate power fluctuation causes, such as shoddy wiring. 

Residential electricians will get a lot of use from the Digital Multimeter from Klein Tools:

multimeterItem Code: 264407




Wire Strippers

Your electricians need these handy tools for cutting or stripping the insulation on wires. An ideal wire stripper is built with an ergonomic handle and curved blades. This provides better comfort and ensures a clean, precise cut. V-Notch Wire Stripper from NSi:

Wire Stripper

Item Code: 177992




Fish Tape

When routing new wiring through walls, metal, and electrical or PVC conduit, your electricians need a dependable fish tape that can help get the job done faster. We recommend this Steel Tape from Klein Tools: 

Fish Tape

Item Code: 162122




Voltage Detector

Your electricians will need to do voltage checks on a regular basis. Be sure to provide them with a non-contact voltage detector that can reliably tell them if there is a current present or if a circuit is indeed live. We recommend the Non-Contact Voltage Detector from Gardner Bender:

voltage detector

Item Code: 183075




Wire Crimper

These are useful tools when repairing wires caused by faulty circuit connections. Your electricians should keep these on hand in case they need them at a moment’s notice. Investing in a dependable crimping tool will ensure a long-lasting seal. You’re sure to get decades of use out of these high-quality Wire Crimpers from Ideal:

Wire crimpers

Item Code: 54925




Safety Supplies



Safety Glasses 

Safety glasses can prevent flying fragments and particles from entering your electricians’ eyes. For example, drywall and sawdust are common problems for these workers. 


Dielectric safety glasses are made with a non-conducting frame, which is ideal protection for electrical workers. These safety glasses also have no metal parts, which insulates them from electricity. 

Check out the Nemesis Safety Glasses from Cully:

safety glasses

Item Code: 44985




Leather or Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves offer electrical workers protection from shock hazards and electrical currents. Electricians like using these because they aren’t too bulky and still offer them a lot of dexterity. 


Leather gloves on the other hand, are naturally a bit bulkier. However, they do also provide workers with some additional protections. Leather gloves can help prevent injuries such as cuts and punctures that sometimes occur when working with cables and wires. 

Cowhide Gloves with Thinsulate from Klein Tools:

cowhide gloves

Item Code: 167220




Safety Footwear

Basic safety footwear would be shoes or boots that include a safety toe to protect workers from heavy falling objects. They should also be non-slip for protection in wet or muddy areas. 


When electricians are doing energized work or switching operations, they should also wear dielectric shoes to protect them from electrical shock hazards. 



You might not think of headlamps or flashlights as safety equipment. But proper lighting helps ensure the job gets done safely. When you electricians can’t see well, they risk electrical shock and burn hazards. 


Headlamps will also help avoid slips, trips, and falls when working in dark areas. The  Rechargable LED Headlamp from Klein Tools is preferred for electrical workers. You can’t go wrong with a durable, long-lasting headlamp like this:


Item Code: 281779


Other Common Supplies


Wire Connectors

Wire nuts are an essential part of every electrician’s toolkit. They’re necessary for making a tight connection to multiple wires and avoiding interference. They’re also important for OSHA compliance and safety purposes. 


We recommend speeding up the tedious task of securing your wires by using NSi Industries EASY-TWISTTM wire connectors. They’ll help your electricians get the job done sooner with fewer twists. 


Connection Sealers

Your electricians need to have a duct sealing compound readily available for sealing around electrical service entries, junction boxes, and other areas where weatherproofing is essential.


The duct sealing compound from NSi has been specially designed to be compatible with multiple surfaces. Including glass, wood, painted surfaces, plastics, and wire covers. It’s also chemically inert and nontoxic.


Electrical Tape

Electrical tape is one supply that no commercial electrician should ever be without. We recommend using an NSi Select Warrior Wrap Electrical Tape. 


Vinyl electrical tape is an essential supply for all electricians. It offers great conformability, is easy to work with, and is a dependable option for just about all of your electrical tape applications.


You need a wide variety of products for your electrical workers. Clearly, supplies are essential. Every electrical company is different. What do you keep in inventory for supplies and safety? 


No matter what you or your team needs, we've got you covered.  



Supporting You In Every Aspect of Business

Wiseway Supply is a family and locally owned company that has been servicing the Southern OH and KY region since 1972. We understand the everyday challenges you face. 


As an established distributor, we are able to provide accurate information, excellent communication, competitive pricing, priority shipping, and increased in-stock inventory levels to have more of the products you need on hand. 


Questions? Give us a call to speak directly with one of our trusted representatives. Or, send us an email and we’ll get back to you by the next business day.


❔In what ways do you try to keep your team happy? Let us know in the comments below!

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