The Top 5 Supplies a Commercial Electrician Needs

It’s time to take inventory of the everyday supplies that a commercial electrician needs to have on hand – at all times. The products mentioned throughout this page are considered highly essential tools for commercial electric use. 


Keeping these supplies available will help you get the job done faster and more cost-effectively. Which not only keeps your clients happy, but you and your team of electricians as well. 


The faster and more effectively you complete the job, the more referrals and bids you’re likely to win. Better for you. Better for your workers. And better for the new and future clients who are about to experience the best team of commercial electricians in the area… you.


The supplies listed below will also help you meet important OSHA compliance standards. Keeping your team, your company, and the client both safe and compliant. 




Of course, there are dozens of electrical supplies that a commercial electrician needs and uses everyday. We’re going to keep it simple and start with the top five. These are the items that our loyal customers come to us for on a regular basis. 


So keep reading. See if you agree. And let us know – are your electricians fully stocked with these items in their toolkit?


The #1 Supply a Commercial Electrician Needs:
Dependable Wire Connectors

Wire connectors or “wire nuts” are an essential part of every electrician’s toolkit. They are necessary for making a tight connection to multiple wires and avoiding interference. 


They’re also important for OSHA compliance and safety purposes. They help you avoid dangerous faults or short circuits by preventing the wires from contacting exposed metal surfaces or other wires within the electrical box.


NSi Industries has a line of standard and winged EASY-TWISTTM wire connectors that every commercial electrician should carry in their toolkit. These wire connectors are easy on the hands and finger-friendly. And they’re easy to use – with or without gloves. 




You can speed up the tedious task of securing your wires by using EASY-TWISTTM wire connectors. Get the job done sooner with fewer twists. And better yet… no more pre-twisting wires when you use these handy little connectors. 


NSi Industries provides these wire connection supplies to commercial electricians in a variety of styles. There’s sure to be a perfect fit for just about every application. Listed below are the popular EASY-TWISTTM offerings. 


  • EASY-TWISTTM Standard Type has a fixed, precise square wire spring that provides secure gripping of conductors. Deep Skirt entry provides protection from flashover and shorts. Compact design ensures proper installation-especially in tight spaces. 

b9ad84bd4487e65611eb8d1806dde5d6be25569b-mediumItem Code: 257914



  • EASY-TWISTTM Winged Type Deep surface ridges and swept-back wing design provide better grip and increased torquing ability. Square wire spring provides secure gripping of conductors. Flame retardant thermoplastic shell provides excellent electrical insulation. 

1599ff5eff40898cb72a10ce3455b7ee9f53d19b-mediumItem Code: 257906



  • EASY-TWISTTM Grounding Winged Type Color coded Green for quick identification as a grounding conductor for copper wires only. Specifically designed for making positive ground connections and bonding non-metallic sheathed cable. Live-action square spring draws wires deep into the spring for a safe, tight grip ensuring an excellent connection. Swept-back design makes hand-tightening easy. 
Item Code: 50283



  • EASY-TWISTTM N-Type Winged Inserted with fixed, square-wire spring grabs wires quickly and firmly. Compact design is perfect for tight spaces. Color coded to industry standards. 

    Item Code: 50279



  • EASY-TWISTTM High-Temperature Type Flame retardant UL 94V-2 thermoplastic shell provides excellent electrical insulation. Temperature rating of 150˚C. Deep skirt entry provides protection from flash-over and shorts. Threaded funnel entry guides the wires into the connector easily. Pre-twisting is not necessary.
Item Code: 57658



  • EASY-TWISTTM Push-In Type Two-blade construction holds wire more securely. In-line construction on all sizes and allows for greater flexibility when fitting into boxes & other tight spaces. Clear construction for visual inspection and integrated test port enables continuity testing. 
    Item Code: 279260



  • EASY-TWISTTM Ceramic Type Ceramic wire connectors are made of high quality ceramics and have excellent electrical and heat resistant properties. Simple one piece design with threads which are molded into the body.
Item Code: 178715



It’s no wonder these wire connectors are one of the top supplies a commercial electrician needs. Speed. Precision. Comfort. And of course, getting the job done with less time and less labor. 


That’s why there’s an EASY-TWISTTM  in over half a billion safe and secure connections. 


If these handy little supplies aren’t already in your toolkit, be sure to add them to your cart and start using them as soon as possible. 


The #2 Supply a Commercial Electrician Needs:
Effective Connection Sealers

Another important supply that commercial electricians should always carry is connection sealers. You need to have a duct sealing compound readily available for sealing around electrical service entries, junction boxes, and other areas where weather-proofing is essential. 


Most sealants will stay soft and pliable for several years. Check with the manufacturer before you buy, but they usually have an excellent shelf life. 


The duct sealing compound from NSi has been specially designed to be compatible with multiple surfaces. Including glass, wood, painted surfaces, plastics, and wire covers. It’s also chemically inert and nontoxic.


Item Code: 232313




The NSi sealant compound has no asbestos, no mineral fibers, and no mineral oil. So you know that it has a nice long, effective product life.


We also recommend using NSi Industries Oxide Inhibitor for all your copper and aluminum terminations. It will remain stable over a wide temperature range, which is ideal for commercial and industrial settings. 


You can usually find oxide inhibitors in 4 oz and 8 oz bottles. NSi also has a smaller, ¾ oz squeeze tube. A convenient option for commercial electricians to put in their pocket and carry to multiple locations for quick touch-up jobs. 


Item Code: 53081




You can avoid costly OSHA fines and unsafe work conditions by making sure all your electrical boxes and wire conductors are sealed properly. So double check your inventory of connection sealers. Get some more if necessary. 


The #3 Supply a Commercial Electrician Needs:
Durable Electrical Tape

Electrical tape is one supply that no commercial electrician should ever be without. Electrical tape is highly versatile for several commercial and industrial applications. 


Color coding wires. Marking ahead before wire pulls. And using as a long term solution for insulation, adhesion, and corrosion resistance. All good reasons to have electrical tape on hand as a commercial electrician.


There are dozens of options to choose from when it comes to electrical tape. You’ll find them in different colors, ratings, and sizes. 


So how do you know what to use? It depends on the application and intended purpose of the tape. You’ll also need to consider the temperature and conditions under which it will be used. And most importantly, the magnitude of the electrical current that it’s meant to insulate.


You can refer to this handy guide for cross referencing the different colors, sizes, and strengths of electrical tape. 

WarriorWrap Cross Reference-1


The most common form of electrical tape for commercial electricians is vinyl insulating tape. It’s the most effective, long-lasting, and extremely flexible. The versatility of vinyl tapes allow them to be used for various purposes. 


For extreme climates and working conditions, we recommend using the NSi Warrior Wrap Premium Vinyl Electrical Tape (WW-732 series). 


It has superior adhesion and elasticity. Extreme weather performance. Excellent tensile strength. Flame retardant. And is highly resistant to UV, abrasion and corrosion. 


The premium vinyl has a 33 oz/in adhesion to steel and backing. This electrical tape works best in operating temperatures between 0°F and 221°F. 


Alternatively, you could use a less robust vinyl tape option, such as the NSi Select Warrior Wrap Electrical Tape (WW-722 series). Still just as effective, but doesn’t need to withstand harsh environments. 


Item Code: 216999




The Select series has a 22 oz/in adhesion to steel and backing and works best in operating temperatures between 20°F and 176°F. 


Both Warrior Wrap products are excellent choices. They can each be used for your primary insulation for wire and cable splices (up to 600 volts), wire harnessing, and jacketing on high voltage splices. Both are CSA Certified and meet UL Standard 510 for regulatory compliance. 


In terms of color choices, the NSi electrical tape comes in every color you’d ever need for color coding motor leads and pipe systems, identifying phases, and marking safety areas. 


Vinyl electrical tapes are an essential supply for commercial electricians. They offer great conformability, are easy to work with, and are a durable and dependable option for just about all of your electrical tape applications. 


The #4 Supply a Commercial Electrician Needs:
24 Hour Timers

While this isn’t necessarily a tool that you should carry with you everywhere you go… 24 Hour Timers are another supply that commercial electricians should take advantage of while on the job. 


24 Hour Timers are a convenient option for regulating electrical switches. An ideal solution for lighting, pumps, signs, fans, water heaters, and air conditioners. 


With an automatic ON/OFF control that activates at the same time every day, it makes your job (and everyone else’s) much easier. 


A universal, multi-voltage unit such as the NSi TORK and 1109A are a popular choices among commercial electricians. Especially those who work in industrial settings. 




Item Code: 148321



Item Code: 274947




These 24 Hour Timers feature an automated voltage input detection system. No DIP switch settings. REAL TIME clock face. Captive trippers. Day/Night indication. And several other features for optimal performance, both indoors and outdoors. 


The benefits of timers are quickly obvious, almost immediately. How many of them have you installed? Contractors can always suggest additional areas for their clients to utilize these convenient electrical tools. Make sure you have them in stock and ready to install.


The #5 Supply a Commercial Electrician Needs:
Potential Arc Flash” Warning Stickers

Did you know that one of the most frequently issued OSHA citations is on the electrical safety standard? The Control of Hazardous Energy regulations is almost always listed among one of the top ten citations every year in the U.S. 


In fact, from October 2020 through September 2021, there were 1,691 citations issued. And over $10 Million in fines to companies violating this safety standard. 


One very simple way that employers can help reduce the risk of electrical incidents from occurring in the workplace is to educate their employees on the risks and hazards of working near electrical equipment. 


Of course, commercial electricians should be well aware of these risks and hazards. And only authorized employees should be conducting electrical work on site. 


But it’s still essential for anyone who is exposed to electrical hazards to be aware of their surroundings and any potential danger.


That’s why commercial electricians should always make sure that electrical equipment is affixed with the proper warning labels. 


For instance, self-adhesive “Potential Arc Flash” warning stickers should be posted in hazardous areas. They should be legible and free from any markings or debris. In some commercial settings, such as mining or industrial factories, this might mean replacing those stickers every so often. 


Item Code: 254657




This simple act can help educate and protect employees, reduce the risk of accidents, and can also prevent costly OSHA fines and penalties. 


Bonus tip: be sure to review all your other electrical safety warning signs and tags - both for general electrical use and for lockout-tagout compliance. Having the proper signage and lockout devices on hand at all times is essential. 


Stocking Up On Your Commercial Electrician Supplies

You want a vast array of products. Competitively priced. And available for inventory viewing, price comparisons, and quick deliveries. So that you can get your projects done on time. 


Nothing should stop you from getting your customers quality products at a competitive price and on time.


We understand the everyday challenges you face. And just like you, we want our customers to have the best experience possible.


Wiseway Supply is a family and locally owned company that has been servicing the Southern OH and KY region for the past 50 years. We, hands down, have the most experienced employees on our team and place customer service as our top priority. 


As an established distributor, we are able to provide accurate information, excellent communication, competitive pricing, priority shipping, and increased in-stock inventory levels to have more of the products you need on hand. 


In fact, we increased our in-stock inventory levels by over 20% to better combat lead times, shortages, and price increases for our customers. And we continue to distribute the most trusted name-brand supplies to commercial and residential contractors. 



How to Order


You can always shop our site and checkout as a guest. 


But the best experience happens when you create an account and let one of our representatives personalize your online shopping experience.


Based on your conversation with our team, we will build you a custom eCommerce portal where you can shop for the specific items you need and manage your account.


Oh, and there’s one other thing. 


Just because you’re required to order supplies, that doesn’t mean it should be boring! Earn rewards points on purchases that you can redeem for discounts, gifts, and more.


Access you existing account or create a new account and start earning Rewards Points today!


Questions? Give us a call to speak directly with one of our trusted representatives. Or, send us an email and we’ll get back to you within the next 24 hours. 


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